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Reading Wellness Course

 A clear step-by-step interactive & holistic reading course for struggling readers.

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Are you tired of the struggle, the frustration, and the feeling that reading is just not your thing? Well, guess what? You're not alone, and it's time to kick those reading challenges to the curb!

Do you find yourself stumbling through sentences, wishing you could read fluently like those around you? Ever find yourself grappling with words, desperately wishing you could read fluently, and maybe even enjoy it? Is your reading speed comparable to a snail's pace, with paragraphs slipping through your memory like sand through your fingers? 

–Geoff Head Director at Joglo Clubhouse.

"Irene was dedicated to our students, combining social emotional with learning through mindfulness practice curriculum. Every week, she began with a 5-10 minute mindfulness activity. Then, a small group of readers worked through a lesson. They are excited to see her when she comes, and look forward to her lessons each week. One notable aspect of Irene's teaching approach is its systematic nature. Her sessions were thoughtfully structured, with each skill building upon the next, creating a seamless and effective learning progression. Kids now recognize that they have practical tools and are actively learning and using strategies to stay calm when needed. Irene's impact on our students goes beyond commendable – it's making a real difference in their lives."

I've witnessed this story unfold in students of all ages, across the globe, and even in my own child. Worried parents, concerned teachers, and students feeling the weight of falling behind—It’s heartbreaking. Here’s the good news…It’s not forever. 

The Reading Wellness course is:
  • a holistic framework that comes from the research based Orton-Gillingham system, 
  •  phonics and word work, fluency, comprehension, coaching, and mindfulness. 
  •  20-30 minute 3-5 times a week sequence 
  • students make easy connections between what they already know and what they are currently learning 
  • Each lesson builds carefully upon the previous lesson. This helps students move from simple concepts to more complex ones ensuring no gaps appear.  

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Find out more

More good news: reduce anxiety and elevate your reading skills...Reading is holistic. It’s more than rules and words and pages.

This Is For You If...

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  •  reading is a struggle or you are falling behind, or are stuck! 
  • You're not seeking the same traditional reading strategies because they are slow and don't work; instead, I offer a distinctive, holistic, and explicit 30 week framework that has proven successful for numerous students.  Let's discuss your needs to ensure it's the right fit for you.
  • you are ready to enjoy reading this year... Let's do this! 🚀📖

Start by connecting with me here, to begin a conversation and see if this is the right reading program for you~


"Her clients work with enthusiasm and engagement. I am impressed with her ability to commit and serve clients both live and virtual. She has led them with strong  tips and strategies."

- Britt




"As a coach, Irene has an ability to listen and hear beyond spoken words. She quickly builds an authentic coaching relationship that works with clients to maximize their potential. Her in-depth educational knowledge is an extra asset."

- Robin




"Irene had an amazing experience overseas personal coach/teacher good with all the ideas she helped me so I can get a better plan for our project in Jakarta. Her method and her system of communication are excellent. I look forward to working with you in the future.

- Vanda



Clear and Concise Reading help

Maybe traditional classrooms don't cater to your unique pace and learning style. Maybe you've felt rushed or misunderstood, stealing away the confidence you need to take golden opportunities as you grow as a reader. Well, that ends now! It's time to breathe, relax, and gain concrete and explicit tools to make reading easier.

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Money back guarantee

It makes sense.  That's why we begin with a call to see if this program is the best fit for you.   

Assessments along the way to gauge growth or fill in gaps

14 free mindfulness classes

 Lowering your anxiety around reading will result in focus, agency, and confidence. It is difficult to be self-motivated  when you feel stressed and unfocused.  These lessons offer calm and focus as you gain reading skills.

Well-placed and meaningful eyes on your gaps and growth!

manipulative letters and other tools sent to you via digital or mail~ You will have tools to move around and help you learn

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I use strategies based on Orton-Gillingham (OG).  OG is not just great for struggling readers, but also people learning English because it helps with understanding sounds and the rules of the language. OG uses a mix of seeing, hearing, touching, and moving around. It works well in both one-on-one sessions and small group teaching.

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"Irene supported our team at ecogames as a curriculum advisor, especially in developing learning objectives that can be used in classroom settings.

She approached this challenge by working with our team with enthusiasm, creativity, and a commitment to ensuring our curriculum aligns with established standards."
~Petra Schneider
Founder PT Alam Santi / Ecogames

Reading in this course is multisensory and interactive. Here's how...

Holistic Approach:

Engages auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning styles.
Reinforces memory through multi-sensory experiences.

Structured & Sequential Lessons:

Carefully structured curriculum.
Logical order where each lesson builds on the previous one.

Explicit Teaching:

Clear explanation of skills and strategies.
Direct teaching of rules for enhanced understanding.

Repetition and Reinforcement:

Utilizes repetition to solidify understanding.
Continuous reinforcement for lasting retention.

Individualized Progress:

Acknowledges that readers progress at different rates.
Tailors lessons to accommodate varying paces.


Important tool for recognizing growth.
Identifies areas where gaps in understanding may exist.

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Robert Pitts

Irene is professional and kind in her instruction of students with a range of learning needs. She provides targeted reading instruction and consistently monitors their progress. She has continuous positive success.

I'm Irene, an educational specialist (and parent) focused on teaching reading holistically.  It's more than words, sentences, and pages.  

I am an educational specialist with over 10 years of global experience in leading reading groups towards success. As a passionate advocate for holistic education, I specialize in co-creating immersive learning experiences that inspire and engage individuals at all levels  of the reading spectrum.  The bottom line?  Enjoyment and meaning behind your reading!  I'm also a parent to a neurodiverse learner and understand how hard it can be to get them to try.

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