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 Systematic Research Based Teaching + Holistic Strategies = Motivated Learning (that sticks)    

Step-By-Step Reading Wellness Course

Struggling to read?  Doesn't matter the age.  The struggle can steal your confidence, opportunities, and personal achievement. 
This course introduces practical strategies aimed at guiding you step-by-step towards the next level of reading easily. It acknowledges the unique needs of readers who may be struggling and tailors its approach to address those challenges effectively. This holistic course doesn't just focus on the technical aspects of reading but also incorporates mindfulness techniques. By integrating mindfulness, the course aims to lower the anxiety often associated with learning something new and difficult.

Mindfulness strategies serve as a valuable tool in the course to remove the stress commonly experienced during the process of acquiring new skills. Through this innovative combination of practical lessons and mindfulness practices, the course seeks to create a supportive and nurturing learning environment, fostering growth and confidence in readers as they navigate the intricacies of reading.

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Diana l.

 "Irene demonstrated that she has knowledge about what she does and she is an excellent person and teacher. Through her researched strategies, we took away concrete learning that made us better teachers"

- Diana L.

Khadidja B.



Diana l.

"I felt like I made progress in my professional and personal life. There is so much content…and you have access to it always. I wish we had more time to discuss the content- there is so much!"

- Khadidja B.

Khadidja B.



Diana l.

"Irene was an exceptional listener and did a truly fantastic job of hearing what I was saying (even when I sometimes didn't know what I was communicating) and echoing it back in a way that helped me make sense of my thoughts."

- Ted

Khadidja B.



Diana l.

I worked with Irene McCann-Braun to help create plans for a new office in Jakarta. Irene worked with me to create a framework. She has had an amazing experience overseas and helped me so I can get a better plan for our project in Jakarta. 

- Vanda

Khadidja B.



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Irene specializes in creating personalized    learning check-ups, plans, and teaching, for clients in various classroom settings, both online and face-to-face, leading to better learning outcomes and educational goal attainment.

I'm Irene, a certified teacher and educational design specialist with a focus on creating programs for struggling readers.  I use researched and proven tools to create exclusive and holistic learning experiences. I come with over 10 years of global experience teaching groups of all sizes.

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–Jeff Head Director at Joglo Clubhouse.

"Irene was dedicated to our students, combining social emotional with learning through mindfulness practice curriculum. Every week, she began with a 5-10 minute mindfulness activity. Then, a small group of readers worked through a lesson. They are excited to see her when she comes, and look forward to her lessons each week. One notable aspect of Irene's teaching approach is its systematic nature. Her sessions were thoughtfully structured, with each skill building upon the next, creating a seamless and effective learning progression. Kids now recognize that they have practical tools and are actively learning and using strategies to stay calm when needed. Irene's impact on our students goes beyond commendable – it's making a real difference in their lives.

- Petra Schneider
Founder PT Alam Santi / Ecogames

"I am sharing my sincere recommendation for Irene McCann-Braun for any organisation that is looking for support with curriculum or educational program development.

In 2023/24 Irene supported our team at ecogames as a curriculum advisor, especially in developing learning objectives that can be used in classroom settings.

She was entrusted with the crucial task of crafting learning objectives, and successfully paired our ecogames values and objectives with the broader educational goals related to the Indonesian school system. She approached this challenge by working with our team with enthusiasm, creativity, and a commitment to ensuring our curriculum aligns with established standards.

Irene demonstrates an excellent understanding of pedagogy and curriculum development, and was a great team-player and contributor. Her contributions have elevated our learning objectives and have supported us to moving to the next level of development.

Irene's proficiency in educational design is evident in her work on the curriculum. Not only does it showcase her skill in developing learning objectives but it also highlights her ability to integrate our ecogames effectively into the broader educational framework. Her approach resulted in learning objectives that met our team’s standards and goals.

In conclusion, I sincerely believe that any organisation that chooses to work with Irene will gain an excellent advisor, developer and team member!"

Robert Pitts

Irene is professional and kind in her instruction of students with a range of learning needs. She provides targeted reading instruction and consistently monitors their progress. She has continuous positive success.

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I will design a custom strategy framework and timeline using your goals.  This is the next step and is a jumping-off point- for establishing action steps for you to move to the next level.

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– britt

"Her clients work with enthusiasm and engagement. I am impressed with her ability to commit and serve clients through workshops. She has led them with strong communication tips and strategies."

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– vanda

"Irene has had an amazing experience overseas  as an educator- She's good with all the ideas & helped me to get a better plan for our project in Jakarta. Her method and her system of communication are excellent. I look forward to working with Irene in the future.

– robin

"Irene has an ability to listen and hear beyond spoken words. She quickly builds authentic learning while building relationships. We learned and were able to teach using better strategies. Her in-depth educational knowledge is an asset."

We all learn in unique ways, but the challenge lies in developing effective strategies while staying true to our individual expression. Irene McCann Consulting offers learning that is designed to help strike that balance, empowering students to learn with engagement, clarity, and confidence-building strategies.

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