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I just don’t think I can spend that right now!  

 I want to take this worry away, so I offer a money back guarantee as well as a payment plan of 3 installments of  998.00. 

In addition, before we start work together, we meet via WhatsApp, or Zoom (or face-to-face) to make sure this course is a great match for you.  I truly believe that the value you will gain from ending the struggle to decode words and comprehend text will far exceed the cost of 33. dollars per class.  

I don’t think I have time for this??

Chances are you are extremely busy. But when you are a struggling reader, how much time do you lose needlessly trying to figure out text? Hours disappear trying to decode. This Investment will give you back time. Remember, I take over the heavy lifting. I designed this course to explicitly move you forward so you are DONE in 30 weeks. Imagine yourself or your student at the end of that time. What is that worth to you, to end the struggle?    

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