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It's my goal to optimize learning & development for you, using curated, researched and proven strategies

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I’m Irene, educational specialist with over 10 years under my belt

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I have years of "battle tested" teaching/learning experience with global organizations and teams. I'm here to tell you that no matter where you are on your journey, my curated frameworks will align and meet you where you are and help you reach new heights.
My extensive background in education includes over 10 years of developing programs for small & large groups, a Master's degree in framework development, two years of doctoral study in educational leadership development, coaching certifications, and mindfulness training. Let's work together to create a customized learning experience that will inspire and empower you to achieve your goals!

I’m Irene, mom of four humans and 1 dog, coffee connoisseur, and adventure seeker!

Hi! I'm Irene, a seasoned teacher with over a decade of teaching experience. My journey began in Seattle, Washington, where I developed a love for the outdoors, ultimately leading to a career that spans various corners of the globe.

I've had the privilege of teaching diverse groups of students, and my current focus is on readers who don’t find reading fun...who don’t exactly find reading a “walk in the park”.  My inspiration is the student's I teach, but also my own daughter who struggles with bits and pieces of learning due to her neurodiversity.  In my pursuit of effective teaching methods, I completed two trainings at Teachers College, Columbia University. One notable approach I've integrated into my teaching repertoire is the Orton Gillingham method, particularly beneficial for students facing challenges in reading. 

But reading is holistic...and so...
Recognizing the significance of addressing not only academic but also emotional aspects of learning, I've incorporated mindfulness into my teaching philosophy. This practice has proven valuable in alleviating anxiety associated with unfamiliar or challenging tasks. That’s why I’ve incorporated it into your reading lessons.

Outside the classroom, my interests align with the tranquility of skiing, the serenity of swimming, and the intellectual engagement of reading. 

Join me on this educational journey, where a calm and focused approach merges with proven strategies to create a conducive learning environment for all readers.

My background in educational consulting and framework design has supported my strength to coach and consult people with diverse backgrounds, languages, unique communication styles, personalities, and beliefs, creating an inclusive environment.

Fav things

travel:- our many homes...

teaching on the go...

"What a relief they are reading now...not just reading, but choosing to read"

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Research consistently affirms that a well-trained and skilled academic staff and teacher is instrumental in offering superior educational services, ensuring better student support, and contributing to overall community development. The knowledge and expertise of educators play a pivotal role not just in the success of the educational institution but also in fostering community growth through education.

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